Words wrangled, grammar de-tangled.

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Spot the deliberate mistakes and obsfucation!

Answers at the bottom.

Edmund in basket
“Your taking you're cat to there party over their?”.

How about "It is recommended that the operationalisation of the content delivery shopfront commences by the start of the next business day"?
Clock on books

You can’t see a problem? You are not alone.

We can.

We know which “their” goes “they’re", and can wrangle “its” without fear. No apostrophe passes unscrutinised, no comma unchecked.

Wordy prose poses no issue.

And for very reasonable rates, we can do the same for you. Our services start with proofreading and go all the way through to specialised content creation - even the development and running of personalised training sessions.

Shelf of books

So we don't leave you in suspense, the answers are:

"You're taking your cat to their party over there?"
"The new library will open next Monday".