Fees and pricing

We offer a range of rates to suit your requirements. We also offer a unique overnight "rush job" service.

Please check our basic terms and conditions, and have a look at our sample contract, to see if our services meet your needs.

Hourly rates apply to smaller jobs and contracts. Please ask us to quote on larger projects or longer-term contracts.

We are located in Tarago, NSW. We will come and visit your office or handy cafe to discuss your project if you're within 100km of Canberra (including Goulburn or surrounds). Longer distances will incur travel costs.

Proofreading: $35/hr


  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Cleaning up basic document layout – fonts, paragraph and page breaks, headings, image layout, table styles, etc.
  • Checking URLs and internal document references.
  • Style management - ensuring font sizes and styles are consistent and applied as per any provided templates and saving styles into a central style system if the format permits (e.g. MS Word Styles)
  • Comments and suggestions on content that may benefit from additional content or editing.
  • In HTML, correcting basic tags and layout issues.
  • Inserting plain content into a provided template
  • Cleaning up OCR text (optical character recognition - where software turns pictures of words into editable text)
  • Note: depending on quality of initial OCR, such work could also fall under editing; please contact us with a sample of the work first.

Does not include:

  • Providing additional content (including text, images, graphics, photos, tables, etc)
  • Re-writing content
  • Adding bibliographic references where they do not already exist
  • Cross-checking accuracy of bibliographic or other references
  • Creating or updating style templates

Editing, including copy-editing: $45/hr


  • Proofreading (see above)
  • Fixing readability, consistency of language;
  • Rewriting existing content, or adding some additional content, in order to clarify intent of writing
  • Checking internal and bibliographic references
  • Updating style templates
  • May include sourcing of non-text content if specified

Does not include:

  • Creating completely new content (including text, images, graphics, photos, tables, etc)
  • Creating new style templates

Content development: $65/hr, or ask for a fixed-price quote

Contact us with your requirements.

Includes editing and proofreading services as outlined above.

Overnight rush jobs: $65/hr


  • Proofreading and basic editing only. No content services.
  • We will take on a maximum of 3 projects per night.
  • Projects to be no larger than the equivalent of 10 A4 pages of single-spaced 12 point text.
  • If accepted, completed results will be delivered via email, Dropbox, or other online service, by 10am the following morning.
  • Receipt of request does not constitute acceptance of project - see terms and conditions below. All projects will be confirmed by a contract that must be accepted by both parties before work will begin.
  • Contracts must be accepted before 5pm on the day the work will start.

Does not include:

  • Content development

Terms and conditions for all projects